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Arrange a Parking Permit for Your House Move?

Discover how to arrange a parking permit for your house move in London.

Learn about parking bay suspensions and get information on fees and application timelines for every London Borough.

  • Reserve a parking bay for your house move in London.
  • Learn what a parking bay suspension is and why it's essential.
  • Discover how to arrange a parking permit for your domestic removal.
  • Find information specific to your London borough for parking suspensions.

Securing a parking permit or bay suspension is crucial to ensure a smooth relocation process.

Parking Permit

What is a parking bay suspension?

  • A parking bay suspension is used when works need to be carried out or when the bay is needed for access. Normal parking controls are suspended.
  • Parking bays cannot be suspended to gain preferential parking or for other non-essential reasons.

How to Arrange a Parking Permit for Your House Move?

Arranging a suspension well in advance will mean it is more likely nearby spaces will be available. However, please note that there is an exemption allowing vehicles to stop when continuously engaged in a property move and a suspension might not be required.

Most of London Borough councils require to arrange Parking Bay Suspensions in advance. Depending which council area you live period to arrange may be from 24 hours to a 3 weeks so we recommend you don't leave it for the last minute.

Last Minute Man Van recommend that you make sure whether permission will be needed for parking during your house move or you think parking would be a problem on the move day.


To arrange a parking permit for your house move in London, follow these steps:

  • Contact Your Council: Reach out to your local council directly by phone or visit their official website.
  • Apply Online: Many councils offer the option to apply for parking permits online, making the process convenient and efficient.

Find More Information About Parking Suspension in Your Area

For detailed information about parking suspension, fees, and application procedures in your specific area, refer to the list of all London councils below. Visit your council's website to access relevant resources and apply online.

Council Phone
Barking and Dagenham Council 020 8215 3005
Barnet Council 020 8359 7446
Bexley Council 020 8303 7777
Brent Council 020 8937 4972
Bromley Council 020 8464 3333
Camden Council 020 7974 4444
City of London Council 020 7606 3030
Croydon Council 020 8726 7100
Ealing Council 020 8825 6677
Enfield Council 020 8379 1000
Greenwich Council 020 8921 4339
Hackney Council 020 8356 8877
Hammersmith and Fulham Council 020 3003 2525
Haringey Council 020 8489 1000
Harrow Council 020 8863 5611
Havering Council 01708 434343
Hillingdon Council 01895 250111
Hounslow Council 020 8583 2000
Islington Council 020 7527 2000
Kensington and Chelsea Council 020 7361 3004
Kingston upon Thames Council 020 8547 5757
Lambeth Council 020 7926 1000
Lewisham Council 020 8297 3627
Merton Council 020 8545 4661
Newham Council 020 8430 2000
Redbridge Council 020 8554 5000
Richmond upon Thames Council 020 8891 1411
Southwark Council 0800 138 9081
Sutton Council 020 8770 5000
Tower Hamlets Council 020 7364 5000
Waltham Forest Council 0845 331 2392
Wandsworth Council 020 8871 8871
Westminster City Council 020 7823 4567
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